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Udie's story in her own words:

     I was born on December 6, 1991 to Treasure, a beautiful red-colored Golden Retriever. My dog mom went to work everyday with her caretaker who worked at the vet clinic at the old CCI campus in Santa Rosa. Like all other CCI puppies, at six weeks, I had my CCI number tattooed on my ear and went to live with my puppyraisers, Rachel and Holt.







CCI is the organization that trains dogs for disabilities other than blindness. Please click on the logo to find out more about CCI.



six weeks


My puppy raisers....they were the best



About 5 months old




Jackie & I on a field trip.

July 1993


Fall 1994


Spring 1995

Photo in Lions Club International Magazine


Fall 1995




January 1998


DECEMBER 2000 GRC Christmas Party




December 2001 GRC Christmas Party




Fall 2002


January 2003

River Cats Calendar


February 2003