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When I received Udie in 1993, I made a promise to myself that I would raise a puppy for CCI to "pay them back."  In  the spring of 2004, the time was right and I sent an e-mail to the Gold Rush Champions asking if anyone was interested in co-raising a puppy. Diane Johnson (a  puppy raiser who had raised 8 dogs) said she would like to try it and so we applied to CCI. We were approved and began anticipating our new puppy! (there will be more...)

6 weeks at CCI, NW 


10  weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

18 weeks

6 months


I had planned to take Daisy to my first grade classroom and had the Memorandum of Understanding signed before school was out. But a new principal arrived and decided that Daisy couldn't come to school. So Diane Johnson found two other puppy raisers who helped raise Daisy. She matured into a wonderful dog and was matched with a physical therapist. All of Daisy's puppy raisers  attended her graduation and we spoiled her with hugs and kisses before she was presented to the graduate. She helps brain damaged patients with physical therapy in the Bay Area who keeps us all informed of Daisy's progress. She is an awesome dog and it was interesting to see how much a puppy can learn.